You can cry in front of a friend.

Best friends are always for you, don’t be ashamed if you cry.

Sometimes in life we have so many problems that we need to cry to throw them out. If you have a true friend, you can cry in front of him for sure! don’t be ashamed. A friend is someone who knows when to shout to you and when to hold you in his arms and let you cry. One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood. Every day god sends his angels to guide us, we don’t expect to see them with wings… instead they come in disguise & we call them friends! Remember they are there for you as you are for them, don’t disappoint them as they wont disappoint you, cry if you need to cry and laugh if you need to laugh, anyway a true friend will be there shearing you his arms. I wish you all a very happy friendship day!

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